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Сеть клиник инъекционной косметологии HYALUAL

Our clinics

Institute Hyalual Clinics
Located in Kiev, Kharkov and London form a network of specialized institutions providing injection cosmetology services
The network of Institute Hyalual clinics
Is a scientific practical center where full time cosmetologists’ training is held and new methods and techniq
The network of clinics is a part of a global brand
The Swiss company Institute Hyalual which is the developer and manufacturer of injectable drugs and products for daily care
The Institute Hyalual clinics network of injection cosmetology

Today the network of Institute Hyalual clinics includes 4 injection cosmetology clinics, three of which are located in Ukraine and one in London. The first clinic was opened in 2011 in Kyiv at the address  Ushinskogo St. 30A

Then, the opening of other clinics followed namely in Kiev at Kniazhyi Zaton 16D, Kharkiv at Darwin 33 and London (theRedermClinic, 1-7 HarleyStLondon, England).

Scientific Practical Centre

The Institute Hyalual principal activities are:

Research: Institute Hyalual clinics are the main center developing new methods and techniques in injection cosmetology. On their basis clinical and preclinical research of Institute Hyalual preparations is conducted, such as Hyalual, Xela, H & S, Electri, Perfoskin, as well as cosmetic products for daily skin care of face and body.

Education: Hospitals are training center for doctors-cosmetologists from all over the world. The leading trainers of the company conduct review seminars, individual workshops, conferences, enhancing professional level of injection cosmetology.

Practice: on the basis of injection cosmetology clinics in Ukraine and the UK the company is continuously applying the developed techniques, constantly improving them.



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