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Сеть клиник инъекционной косметологии HYALUAL

New filler Alexa in Institute Hyalual clinics

Meet the new filler Alexa for contour plastic in Institute Hyalual clinics!

This filler is available in three concentrations: ALEXA SMOOTH, ALEXA MEDIUM, ALEXA VOLUME. That give you an opportunity to make your appearence more harmonious.

ALEXA SMOOTH is well suited to fill the surface wrinkles of forehead and glabellar frown lines, crow's feet, under eye hollows, vertical lips lines, wrinkles on the neck and hands

ALEXA MEDIUM  is well suited to fill the wrinles of parentheses, under eye hollows, make the volume and contour of lips 

ALEXA VOLUME  is well suited to recover the lost volumes, to correct the face shape and the chin