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Anti-age of delicate facial areas

Procedure of correction age changes in delicate face areas with use the injectable product H&S

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Sensitive areas

- periorbital zone (around eyes)

- perioral zone (around mouth)

- temple area 

Properties H&S

- improves skin texture

- enhances skin tone

- smoothes out wrinkles  


- age-related changes of delicate skin

- tired skin type, wrinkles

- dry and dehydrated skin


- uneven complexion

- pigmentation appearance

- rosacea (spider veins)

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Anti-age of delicate zones is an injection procedure correcting age-related changes in facial delicate areas using H & S product.

Delicate zones are facial areas with thin, dry skin prone to couperose (spider veins) and the areas experiencing a high risk of injury or swelling during aesthetic treatments 

H & S is a preparation, which structure and properties are designed and matched in a unique way. The procedure provides maximum effect in the correction of age-related changes and at the same time it works very delicately with the skin characteristics.


  • improves skin color and texture
  • increases skin tone
  • smoothes out wrinkles
  • improves general skin condition



• delicate skin

• atonic, tired skin

• dry, dehydrated skin

• pigmentation

• rosacea

• fine lines

• uneven skin tone

H & S regenerates skin in sensitive areas by moisture and energy saturation of cells due to the unique combination of hyaluronic and succinic acids read more

Hyaluronic acid:

-saves natural moisture in the skin

-restores skin cells

-provides anti-inflammatory effect

-improves metabolic processes in cells


Succinic acid:

-has an antioxidant effect

-saturates skin cells with energy

-lightens skin

-improves microcirculation

-provides skin with radiance and freshness


As a result of physiological moisturizing the skin receives smooth tone and healthy color, wrinkles depth is reduced, skin tone and elasticity are increased, pigmentation and " spider veins " are eliminated, the skin general condition is improved.

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