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Botulinum - an effective and safe method of correction and prevention of facial wrinkless with DYSPORT product

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The upper third of the face

- eliminates horizontal wrinkles on the forehead  

- removes wrinkles around eyes

- smoothes out the wrinkles on the nasal bridge


- smoothes wrinkles in the area of the back of the nose (rabbit wrinkles)

- removes wrinkles around the mouth 

-  lifts the mouth corners

The lower third of the face

- adjusts the line of facial contours

- corrects chin wrinkles

- aligns wrinkles on the neck and décolleté

Hyperhidrosis Treatment

- blocks underarms sweating

- eliminates palms sweating

- blocks feet perspiration

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Botulinum is an injection procedure which is aimed at the prevention and correction of facial wrinkles with the use of the product - botulinum toxin (Dysport). It solves the problem of unwanted facial wrinkles quickly, efficiently and permanently.

After injecting of Dysport the muscle temporarily stops contracting. At the injection site the muscle relaxes and wrinkles are smoothed. To maintain a constant effect it is enough to do the procedure 2 times a year.  Dysport injection procedure does not require special preparation. The effect begins on average in 48-72 hours.


Botulinum advantages:

● alternative to plastic surgery;

● short recovery period;

● solution of several problems in one procedure;

● hypoallergenic, product safety read more


Mimic wrinkles

Mimic wrinkles are creases of skin resulting from active facial expressions. They are most pronounced in the area of the forehead, between the eyebrows, around eyes, the nose back, the nasal bridge, the chin, around the mouth, the horizontal and vertical neck wrinkles. One of the provoking factors in the development of facial wrinkles, which accelerates the process of involution, is high activity of facial muscles.


Hyperhidrosis is excessive localized perspiration. Sweating can be coursed by excitement, stress, fear or conversely, bright positive emotions. Quite often hyperhidrosis occurs without intensive external influence. If hyperhidrosis is a long-term condition it aggravates psychological discomfort. This contributes to a vicious circle: stress - sweating - stress, and it significantly reduces the quality of life. The Dysport injection limits sweating by blocking the activity of sweat glands.

How the procedure is carried out

The doctor examines you in order to analyze the severity level and wrinkles nature. He also determines the required dosage and the injection point. Then the skin is treated with antiseptic. Dysport injections are performed with a short thin needle. The drug is injected into a muscle that needs to become less active. At the end of the procedure antiseptic solution treatment is carried out.

Recommendations after the procedure

  • • «to grimace" after the procedure, using the muscles in the injection areas;
  • • do not take a horizontal position during 4 hours;
  • • do not "disturb" the injection zone with the hands during 2 days (scratch, rub, touch);
  • • avoid visiting a swimming pool, sauna, sun deck during 2 weeks after the procedure;
  • • avoid intense exercise during 2 days after the procedure;
  • • reduce alcohol consumption during 2 weeks;
  • • do not take medications that reduce blood clotting (paracetamol, aspirin, etc.).

Durability of the effect

The maximum effect is achieved after two weeks after treatment and lasts for at least 4 months.

The durability of the effect depends on:

• expression and development of mimic muscles;

• patient's lifestyle (visiting a sauna, a bath, a pool, etc.);

• climatic conditions (temperature, humidity, intensity of solar rays, etc.);

• presence of harmful habits (alcohol consumption, smoking).



● pregnancy and lactation;

● infectious diseases;

● taking medicines.



● bleeding disorders;

● neuromuscular diseases;

● airways diseases;

● drug intolerance

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