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Face cleanning

cosmetic procedure aimed at deep cleansing of the skin, which allows to achieve perfect smoothness, freshness and radiant color

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Ultrasonic facial cleaning

- cleanses the skin  - removes dirt out of pores

- smoothes skin micro-relief  - lightens and improves complexion

- rejuvenates the skin  - makes the skin smooth, even

Hygienic facial cleaning

- cleanses the skin  - tightens and purifies the pores

- removes comedones and milia  - brightens the face

- aligns facial contour and relief  - the skin looks smoother, well-groomed and radiant

Hygienic back cleaning

- cleans and tightens pores  - cleanses the skin of dirt and sebum  - removes inflammatory elements

- the skin of the back becomes smooth and velvety  - aligns color and skin texture

- improves tissue regeneration  - the skin "breathes"

Indications for the procedure

- oily, combined skin  - enlarged pores

- presence of comedones and milia, black spots  - cleaning of the skin, which is prone to acne (acne)

- actinic skin layer  - dull complexion

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Ultrasonic cleaning or ultrasonic peeling

Ultrasonic cleaning or ultrasonic peeling is a procedure of mild exfoliation of the stratum corneum, which is performed by means of special blades - an ultrasonic scrubber. Ultrasonic cleaning or as it is often called "ultrasonic peeling" refers to the apparatus procedures which are conducted with the help of ultrasound.

Ultrasound is number one facial cleansing, it performs several actions simultaneously:

- removes dead skin cells safely and effectively;

- removes dirt and cleans black pores;

- stimulates the collagen production.



- in addition to providing deep cleansing and skin regeneration, ultrasonic peeling opens facial pores and promotes deeper penetration of creams and other cosmetics.

- ultrasonic cleaning is especially effective in improving the complexion, eliminating fine lines, closing of enlarged pores read more


Hygienic facial skin cleaning is an important part of acne treatment, as it eliminates a key factor in the development of acne - a blockage of the sebaceous glands. Hygienic cleaning of the face is carried out to remove the comedones, which prevents the development of the next stages of acne.

Back cleansing is great for those who want to have beautiful skin. As a result of back cleaning the skin becomes elastic and velvety with smooth relief and color. It results in inflammation relief, healthy matte and shine appearance.

Mechanical cleaning of the back is necessary, in case of:

- deep comedones;

- oily seborrhea;

- blockage of the excretory ducts of the sebaceous glands;

- enlarged pores;

- acne (mature pustules);

- comedones (black spots);

- wens;

- whiteheads (milia).

How the procedure is carried out

(Hygienic cleaning)

• Cleaning - the removal of decorative cosmetics, superficial contamination via milk, foam or gel, depending on the skin condition.

• Soft facial peeling using a scrub or gommage.

• Skin preparation – pores’ disclosure by softening gel for comedones.

• Ultrasonic peeling

• Toning

• Soothing Mask

• Applying protective or moisturizing cream on the face

Recommendations after the procedure

• On the first day after the procedure it is not recommended to use decorative cosmetics, especially powder and creams

• Avoid UV light for at least 1-2 days

• It is recommended to use a sunscreen


• acne in the acute stage

• any skin diseases on the face

• integrity disorder of the skin in the area of ​​the procedure

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