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Сеть клиник инъекционной косметологии HYALUAL

Complex skin care for your face

Individual programs using professional beauty tools aimed at moisturizing, improved skin color and texture

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Cosmetic care for different skin types + facial massage

- deeply moisturizes dry skin  - returns firmness to age skin  - improves the color of dull and tired skin

- provides lymphatic drainage effect  - adjusts the shape of the face

- improves skin texture  - provides beautiful complexion

Express Care "WOW-face"

- soothes, moisturizes skin  - smoothes out mimic wrinkles  - strengthens blood vessels and tightens skin

- improves skin elasticity  - adjusts the face shape  - reduces the pores size

- lightens skin  - provides quick and visible result

"WOW-face ULTRA" Rejuvenating complex with microcurrent

- moisturizes skin  - provides powerful lifting

- smoothes out wrinkles  - had anti-inflammatory and soothing effect

- provides UV protection

Express Care "WOW-eyes"

- eliminates dark circles  - relieves swelling

- smoothes out wrinkles around eyes  - saturates with moisture dehydrated dry skin

- relieves irritation and inflammation  - rejuvenates the skin around eyes

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Complex skin care

Complex skin care is a very pleasant and safe way to affect the skin providing stunning efficiency. As a result of the treatment the skin becomes taut and smooth; it radiates a special young skin glow. Particular attention is paid to preventive and curative care for ageing skin, as well as skin problems 

Cosmetic care for different skin types + facial massage

Regular cosmetic care is effective treatment for dry, dull, tired, ageing skin. Depending on the individual features, professional cosmetic is selected, which deeply cleanses and moisturizes the skin, it becomes more elastic and taut. For maximum effect facial care can be combined with facial massage (classic, lymph drainage, plastic and massage Jacquet) 

Express care «Wow-face» read more

The procedure is performed using HyalualWow-Mask mask. The main property of hydrogel mask is its deep hydration. Due to its texture, the mask on the skin becomes warm and its active components begin to penetrate deep into the skin. After the express care «Wow-face» procedure, your skin is cleared and hydrated, fine wrinkles are smoothed out (there is a lifting effect), the face oval is corrected.

An ideal treatment before important meetings or events.

Minimum time- maximum efficiency.

"WOW-face ULTRA" Rejuvenating Complex with microcurrent

Micro-current therapy and HyalualWow-Mask combination is very successfully used in cosmetic procedures. This unique combination replaces several stages of care, speeds up the procedure and increases its efficiency. Earlier there had to be several products: a serum, a mask, a moisturizer, a sunscreen, now you need only a single HyalualWow-Mask for your express-care without any additional tools.

The procedure combines moisturizing, lifting, muscle relaxation effect to remove facial wrinkles, skin nutrition, anti-inflammatory and calming effect; as well as protection from ultraviolet radiation.

Express care "WOW-eyes"

Procedure Express care "WOW-eyes" is based on the effect of the active ingredients contained in hydrogel patches HyalualWow-Eyes.

The structure of under eyes masks contains components that moisturize dehydrated skin around the eyes and smooth out wrinkles, relieve swelling, remove dark circles under the eyes, rejuvenate and whiten the periorbital area

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