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Face cosmetology

Individual programs using professional beauty tools aimed at moisturizing, improved skin color and texture

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Complex skin care for your face 450 - 1500 UAH
Face Microcurrent Therapy 520 - 750 UAH
Peeling 700 - 4200 UAH
Cleaning 800 - 1000 UAH
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Face Cosmetology is  health and beauty of your skin

Over the years skin gradually loses its tone, wrinkles and age spots appear. More and more women and men turn to a cosmetologist to prolong youth, prevent and correct the defects 

We are ready to offer you a wide range of cosmetic services aimed at solving aesthetic problems. Experienced doctors use both traditional and modern methods in their practice, which have already proved their effectiveness and safety.

In our clinics face cosmetology is represented by the following effective procedures:

• Peeling

• Face massage

• Complex skin care

• Cleaning

• Microcurrent facial therapy read more


Peeling is a procedure aimed at penetrating the skin by the components, which gently exfoliate dead skin cells and accelerate the process of tissues renewal. If you have large pores, pigmentation, fine lines, acne on facial skin, these problems can be solved with the help of chemical peels. Chemical peels preparations have a different degree of penetration into the skin, thereby solve various cosmetic problems.

In our clinic you can have superficial and median facial skin peeling.

Superficial peeling is composed of the products based on salicylic, mandelic, lactic or glycolic acids. They are used to align the skin topography and surface defects, provide whitening and smoothing of fine lines.

Median peeling is composed of the preparations with combined composition that activate the collagen production, making the skin supple, smoothing out wrinkles, rejuvenating the skin and aligning its color.

Facial peeling procedure is absolutely painless and does not take much time.

Face massage

Cosmetic facial massage is a pleasant and effective procedure, which makes facial skin elastic, eliminates wrinkles and gives you delectation at the same time..

Performed by all the rules massage greatly affects the lymphatic drainage and blood flow in microcirculation. Thanks to it swelling signs disappear. Properly done massage saturates tissues with the necessary amount of oxygen. Therefore, the skin looks well-groomed and healthy.

Certain massage techniques help to get rid of wrinkles, including facial ones. It is also a quite effective anti-ageing method. By means of massage it is possible to get rid of a hateful double chin and sagging skin as well.


Complex facial skin care

Express care «Wow-face»

The procedure is performed using HyalualWow-Mask masks. The main property of the hydrogel mask is deep hydration. Due to its texture the mask gets warm on the skin and its active components start penetrating deep into the skin. After the express care «Wow-face» procedure your skin is cleared and hydrated, fine wrinkles are smoothed out (lifting effect), face contour is corrected.

● Ideal treatment before important meetings or events.

● Minimum time - maximum efficiency.

"WOW-face ULTRA" Rejuvenating Complex with microcurrent

● HyalualWow-Mask is successfully combined with microcurrent therapy. This unique combination of techniques replaces several stages of facial care, speeds up the procedure and increases its efficiency. The procedure combines moisturizing, lifting, muscle relaxation effect to combat facial wrinkles. It also provides skin nutrition, anti-inflammatory, calming effect and ultraviolet radiation protection.


Express Care "WOW-eyes"

Express Care Procedure "WOW-eyes" is based on the effect of the active ingredients contained in the hydrogel eye patches HyalualWow-Eyes.

The structure of under eyes masks contains components that saturate dehydrated skin around eyes with moisture and smooth out wrinkles, relieve swelling, remove dark circles under eyes, rejuvenate and whiten the periorbital area.

Apparatus facial cosmetology

Ultrasonic cleaning

It is an easy and pleasant treatment causing no skin irritation. The procedure is aimed at removal of stratum corneum from the skin surface using ultrasound. It can be combined with a mechanical facial hand-cleansing.

Microcurrent therapy

Microcurrent facial therapy is a physiotherapy procedure aimed at skin rejuvenation through impact of not impulse current of very low voltage on the skin. The procedure is carried out with the help of electrodes and special drugs that function as conductors.

The impact of microcurrent has a pronounced beneficial effect on the skin: tightening wrinkles, eliminating signs of aging. As a result the atrophied muscles recover, muscle spasms are eliminated, face aesthetic appearance is improved.

Microcurrent therapy influences gentlly on the muscle functional activity, lymphatic and blood vessels and skin cells. It promotes the excretion of stagnant fluid, which leads to skin improvement and formation of correct beautiful face oval.

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