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Contour plastic

a procedure of filling volume by comlex modeling of facial perception zones

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Modeling and rejuvenation of lips

- gives natural volume  - makes lips lush and juicy

- creates more distinctive contour  - corrects the asymmetry of the lips

- smoothes out the wrinkles around the mouth (purse string wrinkles) - corrects and lifts the drooping mouth corners

Face contour correction

- restores lost volume
  - models face volume  

- gives clear face contours
 - creates needed volume  

- corrects facial asymmetry  - provides lifting effect

Correction of superficial wrinkles

- smoothes out the superficial wrinkles - corrects the smile line

- eliminates wrinkles around eyes
  - reduces the static wrinkles

- smoothes out forehead wrinkles
  - rejuvenates the face 

Correction of deep wrinkles

- smoothes out deep wrinkles  
- aligns the nasolabial folds

- removes frown wrinkles
 - adjusts the creases

- rejuvenates hands  
- corrects the chin

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Contour plastic

Contour plastic is a face and body rejuvenation and correction procedure by injecting of products with hyaluronic acid - fillers. Hyaluronic acid is a natural element, which is a part of all the soft tissues of the body, and therefore it is completely safe for humans. Hyaluronic acid products, which are injected during the procedure, naturally fill the folds and wrinkles and create the necessary volume, thereby correcting age-related changes and allowing face modeling.

The result appears immediately after the procedure and lasts from 6 to 18 months, depending on the individual characteristics of the human body.

The advantages of the procedure:

● Alternative to plastic surgery;

● Short recovery period;

● Solution of several problems in one procedure;

● Hypoallergenic, products’ safety;

● Compatibility with other rejuvenation techniques read more

Contour plastic of nasolabial folds

With age there appear deep folds extending from the nostrils to mouth corners, giving the face a tired, sullen look. After filling wrinkles with fillers, lost with age volume, returns to its original "young" state and gives a lifting effect.

      Contour plastic of lips

With age lips lose their form, become thinner, wrinkles appear and mouth corners droop down. Contour plastic will rejuvenate, increase and return lost lips’ volume.

Contour plastic of face oval

It is aimed at age-related changes prevention and lost volume restoration. Instant lifting effect is achieved.

Contour plastic of cheekbones

It is recommended when face oval changes and cheekbones go down. Or it could simply be the desire to make the cheekbone area more expressive.

Contour plastic of glabellar line

The crease between the eyebrows gives the face a frowning look. A person seems to be constantly dissatisfied with something. If the fold is too deep and Dysport injection is not enough, filler is sure to help.

Contour plastic of hands

A hand, which is almost devoid of subcutaneous fat, with prominent veins and tendons, does not look aesthetical. Hyaluronic acid restores the skin tone, hydrates, fills wrinkles and removes the visible veins and tendons. Hands look younger, they are velvety and soft to the touch.

A combination of contour plastic with other procedures

Contour plastic is successfully combined with other rejuvenation programs:

  • Redermalization
  • Botulinum (Dysport injection)
  • Peelings
  • Skin care procedures

The procedure

Before contour plastic procedure You will receive doctor’s consultation, because any procedure requires an individual approach. During the examination, the doctor will be able to determine which of the medications is right for you. He is also obliged to discuss with you the expected result, depending on the purpose of contouring as well as to inform about the contraindications and side effects.

Before the procedure, the skin is purified, treated with antiseptic and anesthetic cream is applied for 15-20 minutes. The doctor inserts a medication under the skin with a fine needle or cannula. After the manipulation the skin is treated with post-procedural spray ProfiDeLux.

Recommendations before the procedure

• one day prior to the contour plastic it is recommended to abandon the use of alcoholic beverages, exclude sports, active physical labor;

• a few weeks prior to the procedure it is advised to stop taking drugs that reduce blood clotting (aspirin, etc.)

Recommendations after the procedure

During the first days after the contour plastic it is not allowed to:

• touch the corrected areas with your hands

• carry out any other cosmetic procedures

• apply the cosmetics on the area where the contour plastic was made

• show excessive mimic activity

• in case of facial contour plastic it is better to sleep on the back during the first night

During 2-4 days it is not recommended to:

• take aspirin or other anticoagulants

• do exercise, sports

• massage the injection area

• try to remove crust at the injection site if there are any

During 2 weeks it is not recommended to:

• visit a bathhouse, a sauna, take a hot bath

During 1 month it is not recommended to:

• visit a solarium, moreover, if the open body areas were subjected to treatment you should use sunscreen with not less than 20 SPF before going out.

Contraindications to contour plastic procedure


• during pregnancy and breast-feeding

• hypersensitivity to any filler component

• fever

• any acute illness

• aggravation of any chronic diseases

• decompensated diabetes

• autoimmune diseases

• herpes (during an exacerbation)

• tendency to keloids formation

• hemophilia and other bleeding disorders


• any inflammatory or infectious phenomena in the prospective correction zone and nearby

• skin tumors (including pigmented nevi)

• recent procedures associated with an aggressive effect on the skin (for example, the median peeling)

• previously entered permanent fillers (non-absorbable).

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