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Correction of localized fat deposits

complex methods to reduce the volume, and the creation of the ideal body shape.

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Face and neck area

- corrects the precise face shape  - removes a "double chin"

- eliminates small fat deposits in the area of eyelids, cheeks ("flews")

- reduces the back of the neck area (climacteric "hump")

Upper body

- eliminates wrinkles on the back and shoulders  - reduces the amount of adipose tissue in the area of the back side of the hands, arms, and inner thighs

- removes excess volume in the abdominal area

- reduces the fat on the sides and corrects the waistline

Lower body

- reduces the volume of the outer thighs ("breeches" zone)  - eliminates inner thigh fat

- smoothes out the folds under the buttocks

- reduces the fat deposits in the area above the knees

Cellulite treatment and prevention

- eliminates cellulite development ("Orange peel")  - tightens and aligns body relief  - reduces volume

- improves skin density  - provides powerful lifting

- relieves swelling  - improves metabolic processes in tissues

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Correction of localized fat deposits

Correction of localized fat deposits (intralipotherapy) is an injection procedure aimed on reducing the volume of localized fat deposits on face and body. It also prevents cellulite development. This procedure is highly capable of selective and gradual decreasing of the body volume, without damaging the surface layers of the dermis and muscle tissue.

The method lies in the injecting of a special lipolytic drug in problem areas. A certain amount of the drug is injected. It activates the process of fat splitting and breakdown, improves blood circulation, fatty acids are derived through the lymphatic and circulatory systems. The procedure shows high efficiency even if cellulite is in its most advanced stage, when there are bumps under the skin.


• a "double chin"

• fat deposits on the neck area, the internal surface of the shoulders, the hips, the abdomen, waist, buttocks, in "breeches" zone and knee-area.

• modeling of body contour


The effect is long lasting. To preserve the effect it is very important to adhere to proper nutrition and regular exercise.

Cellulite treatment and prevention

Mesotherapeutic cocktail Alydia allows fighting cellulite at any stage, just in a few procedures the skin aligns and the effect of "orange peel" is eliminated.  The drug takes away the visible appearance of cellulite as well as its basic causes:

• disorder of metabolic processes in tissues

• lymph and fluid stagnation

• structural changes of the subcutaneous fat

Alidya increases metabolism in tissues, reduces edema, hypoxia and inflammation in the problem areas, tightens and smoothes the skin, reduces body volume read more

The advantages of the procedure

• instant visible results

• broken fat cells do not regenerate in the future

• no special training is required

• no rehabilitation period

• high lipolytic efficiency


How the procedure is carried out

Before the procedure, the physician examines you, determines the dose and the injection site. The entire procedure takes less than half an hour and it is relatively painless. Patients notice just slight burning in the injection area, which soon disappears. Immediately after the procedure, you can return to the familiar activities such as work.


Recommendations after the procedure

Within two weeks after intralipotherapy you should:

• follow active and healthy lifestyle

• refuse alcohol

• limit consumption of fatty and salty foods

• drink at least 2 liters of water a day

• depending on the doctor’s advice wear a special compression garment

It is not recommended to attend a bath, a sauna, a solarium, and other thermal procedures



• Pregnancy or lactation

• Local or systemic infection during the procedure

• Coagulation disorders

• Autoimmune diseases

• Circulatory disorders in the limbs

• Chronic or acute liver disease

• Kidney failure

• Obesity (BMI> 30)

• Diabetes types I and II

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