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Men procedures

individual programs for rejuvenation and preservation of natural beauty, designed according to the male skin characteristics

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Cosmetology for men

Today, men as well as women, have a lot of opportunities to stay attractive, young, beautiful and successful.

In our clinic Cosmetology for men is an individually selected complex of cosmetic procedures which is designed taking into account the peculiarities of men anatomy and physiology and includes the following areas:

Cleansing of face and back - removes dead skin cells, fat bungs, comedones, skin becomes clear, beautiful and more receptive to cosmetic preparations.

Peeling - eliminates shine, normalizes sebum secretion, tightens pores, aligns relief, slows down the aging process.

Injectable anti-aging treatments:

Botulinum (Dysport) - removal of unwanted facial wrinkles.

Redermalization - facial and body skin rejuvenation by renewal of the thermal layer which  is responsible for our skin beauty.

Contour plastic - rejuvenation and correction of facial and body form by injecting of products based on hyaluronic acid - fillers

Threadlifting – a unique procedure which allows correcting and modeling of facial contour

Hyperhidrosis treatment - reducing sweating in the armpits, feet and palms.

Men body cosmetology - body shaping program: body microcurrent therapy, correction of localized fat deposits

Tumors removal on face and body


Men's skin has individual, distinctive features and that's why our experts have developed specific approaches to male cosmetology read more


Men’s skin is 20% thicker than women's. The tissue contains more collagen and elastin fibers. That is why the wrinkles on the faces of representatives of stronger sex appear later. But there are also particular qualities:


● Excessive skin oiliness. This is due to the large number of sebaceous glands and hormone testosterone production. Large pores increase the sebum production.

● Inflammation and skin redness. The reason is active development of hormone-like substances provoking rashes.

● Very sensitive skin. Mostly common for mega polis citizens. Regular shaving aggravates the problem, damaging lipid film - the skin natural protection against aggressive environmental impact.

● Vasodilation.


Men’s cosmetology is an opportunity to stay young and handsome.

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