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Body cosmetology

Body cosmetology - a set of procedures and techniquues aimed at creating your ideal body contouring

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Correction of localized fat deposits 1500 - 3350 UAH
Microcurrent body therapy 370 - 650 UAH
Fractional rejuvenation with PERFOSKIN COMPLEX 5000 UAH
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Body cosmetology

When traditional methods of body correction do not give the expected results, choose professional injection and apparatus cosmetology

In our clinic, cosmetology along the body includes the following directions:

- Prevention and treatment of cellulite, removal of grease deposits
- Fractional rejuvenation with PERFOSKIN COMPLEX
- Microcurrent therapy for the body

Cellulite prevention and treatment, fat deposits reduction

The procedure is aimed at cellulite treatment and prevention and reduction of subcutaneous fat deposits using anti-cellulite and lipolytic drugs. They help to decrease the thickness of body fat, improve lymphatic drainage and microcirculation.

How is the procedure carried out?

A certain dose of the preparation is injected into the area which needs correction with a fine needle. The drugs (lipolytics) activate the process of lipolysis and thus extra volumes are reduced. The procedure shows high efficiency even with cellulite in the most advanced stage, when there are bumps under the skin.

Body areas that can be corrected by means of lipolytics:

arms, back, shoulder area, neck, buttocks, waist, abdomen, thighs, the area above the knees.

The effect is long lasting. To preserve the effect it is very important to adhere to proper nutrition and exercise regularly read more


MICRONEEDLING REDERMALIZATION procedure using Perfoskin Complex

MICRONEEDLING REDERMALIZATION is a micro-invasive aesthetic procedure for intensive skin’s renewal and rejuvenation.

MICRONEEDLING REDERMALIZATION procedure is performed using PERFOSKIN Complex, which consists of PERFOSKIN Device - sterile medical disposables and PERFOSKIN Prederm - the drug that contains active ingredients: hyaluronic and succinic acids.

MICRONEEDLING REDERMALIZATION of neck and décolleté provides:

  • Elimination of photoaging signs, including hyperpigmentation, reducing the severity of the vertical and horizontal wrinkles, improving skin tone and hydration.


  • Moisturizing of skin, reducing pigmentation, wrinkles, increasing skin elasticity.


  • Removing sagging skin, reducing the severity of stretch marks, scars (including postoperative), increasing skin elasticity and tone.

MICRONEEDLING REDERMALIZATION of legs and buttocks provides:

  • Increasing of skin tone and elasticity, reducing the severity of stretch marks, cellulite (in the complex therapy), lifted and smooth skin.

Body Redermalization

Redermalization of body is body’s skin rejuvenation by injecting of a special preparation composed of hyaluronic acid and sodium succinate. The preparation Hyalual, thanks to these two active ingredients, nourishes the skin with moisture and tightens body contours.

The result after the procedure:


● skin is young and healthy;

● improvement of blood microcirculation;

● reduction of the amount of pigment spots;

● reduction in the number of visible lines and wrinkles;

● skin is tightened, it becomes more elastic.



● skin atony;

● wrinkles and folds;

● stretch marks and scars;

● prevention of aging;

● in the complex of weight loss programs;

● in the complex of programs aiming at cellulite treatment and prevention;

We recommend the procedure for the following areas: neck, hands, décolleté, thighs, legs, buttocks. Redermalization can be also performed on any other area of the body.


Body Microcurrent therapy

Microcurrent procedure is a method of positive impact on the skin by means of weak pulse current. Microcurrent therapy is used to reduce cellulite and treat lymphatic drainage. It helps drugs and cosmetic preparations penetrate the skin better and deeper. As a result: the skin is more elastic, lifted and smooth.

The advantages and peculiar properties of the procedure:


● painless (the feeling is very pleasant like during the classical massage);

● safety;

● visible results already after the first treatment, and the effect stays for a long time after the course;

● does not require special training, rehabilitation period is absent;

● availability - the procedure is relatively cheap compared with other techniques.


● cellulite treatment and prevention;

● in the complex of weight loss program;

• stretch marks and scars;

• sagging skin, with low tone;

The maximum effect is achieved after a full course, as a rule consisting of 10-15 procedures. It is recommended to visit the clinic 2-3 times a week. And to get a permanent result it is recommended to repeat microcurrent therapy once a month.


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