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innovative curative and rejuvenation procedure by own blood plasma

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- improves the complexion

- reduces couperose

- removes post acne traces

Hairy part of head

- improves blood supply of fullicles

- moisturizes the skin

-used in the comlex therapy of limited alopecia

Neck, neckline

- smoothes wrinkles
- increases the skin elasticity

- brightens pigmented spots

- corrects stretch marks


- increases skin`s immunity
- removes the tightbess of the skin

- tightens of the body

- increases the elasticity of the skin

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Plasmolifting is a curative-rejuvenating injection procedure that involves the subcutaneous injection of platelet-enriched plasma of the patient's own blood.

The cosmetic procedure using the patient's own plasma is recommended to mostly all the patients and at any age when it is required to achieve faster and more effective skin rejuvenation and facelift avoiding plastic surgery. Our own fibroblasts are activated with the help of the patient's own platelets, which allows us to restore young skin cells and the synthesis of "young" collagen.

The first experiments using plasma were conducted in the US several decades ago and by now plasmolifting (English name - Platelet Rich Plasma therapy or PRP therapy) has been one of the main directions of injecting anti-age medicin read more


Result after the procedure

• pronounced skin tightening

• disappearance of fine wrinkles

• alignment of the skin relief

• increase of skin turgor and elasticity

• improvement of skin color and appearance

• hair loss cessation and hair growth

Indications for the procedure

• Age-related skin changes - wrinkles, decreased tone and skin elasticity;

• signs of photodamage of the skin;

• small wrinkles;

• couperose;

• acne;

• scars and striae

Postprocedural care

After the procedure minor pain, redness, and microhematomas may occur.

Recovery period: 1-3 days

Recommendations after the procedure

• avoid attending a swimming pool, a sauna for a week;

• avoid going to the solarium or beach for a week;

• use sunscreen in summer


• blood coagulability disorders;

• systemic connective tissue diseases;

• diabetes;

• acute inflammatory processes in the affected area (herpes, pustules);

• severe general disease;

• propensity to keloid scars formation

• depressive conditions

• pregnancy and lactation

Plasmolifting combination with other procedures

Plasmolifting, either in a complex or individual approach, is successfully combined with redermalization, pre-dermalization of the body, thread lifting, contour plastic, botulinum therapy, peeling, cosmetological care, apparatus techniques.

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