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Сеть клиник инъекционной косметологии HYALUAL


a unique method of rejuvenation and restoration of the face and body skin with the use of injectable product of the new generation - HYALUAL

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- moisturizes skin  
- improves complexion  

- reduces  wrinkles
 - improves skin elasticity 

- lightens dark spots  
- has a powerful lifting effect

Periorbital area

- lightens dark circles under eyes
 - smoothes out wrinkles

- removes the "crow's feet"  
- moisturizes the eye area

-  improves skin turgor  
- rejuvenates the eye area

Neck and decollete

- moisturizes neck and decollete area  
- smoothes out wrinkles

- increases skin elasticity 
- provides lifting

- gives firmness to the decollete  
- corrects breast stretch marks


- corrects body contours  
- smoothes out wrinkles

- provides arms’ skin lifting  
- provides buttocks lifting

- reduces stretch marks  
- increases skin elasticity 

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A young, radiant, fresh face, velvety skin and beautiful natural glow. Now it is possible at any age!

Redermalization with Hyalual product is a new procedure, which has already received positive reviews. This is the most powerful non-surgical rejuvenation today. For the first time not the skin aging consequences but the causes are eliminated. There is a visible effect already after the first procedure. Try it yourself and make sure.

Redermalization is an injection procedure aimed on facial and body rejuvenation by means of dermal layer renewal which is responsible for our skin’s beauty. The technique allows to influence the three causes of skin aging:

1. dehydration

2. effect of free radicals

3. slowdown of physiological and biochemical processes in cells.

Redermalization optimizes body's own resources, and it begins working as being young.

As a result you get a complex anti-age effect:

● healthy, radiant complexion;

● face lifting;

● improved skin texture and relief;

● wrinkles reduction

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The procedure of skin recovery and rejuvenation is carried out with the help of an injectable product of the new generation - HYALUAL.

Also, the Reddermalization procedure is carried out using a high-tech tool - Rederm Injector is an automatic and high-precision tool for the skin rejuvenation procedure.
Modern and revolutionary design with 5 needles allows you to shorten the time of the procedure, reduce the recovery period and accurately enter the required quantity of the drug, making the injection procedure comfortable and painless.

The product composition:

• sodium succinate (succinic acid)

● hyaluronic acid.

Combining these two powerful components allows achieving a comprehensive, pronounced and long-lasting effect.

This is the main difference of Redermalization from biorevitalisation where only hyaluronic acid is used Hyaluronic acid is a natural component of the skin, which due to various factors - unfavorable ecological situation, age, lifestyle and stress – is being gradually destroyed. Skin becomes dehydrated (this process can be compared with the transformation of a fresh juicy apple into a wrinkled one), skin loses its tone, wrinkles appear, complexion deteriorates. Injection of hyaluronic acid compensates the lack of its own material in the skin and renews the process of its natural production by the organism. The skin gets a deep hydration, wrinkles are smoothed out.


Succinic acid enhances blood circulation, improving skin tone and complexion (your face is provided with beautiful glow). It has a powerful anti-oxidant and regenerating effect.

The result after the procedure

The first redermalization procedure increases the number of fibroblasts (young cells) which are responsible for elastin and collagen formation.


Complex anti-age effect: wrinkles are smoothed, the complexion improves and the skin is more elastic and flexible.

Struggle with imperfections: post-acne marks are less visible, pigmentation and rosacea disappear.

Prevention of skin aging: chrono-and photoaging processes slow down, skin is hydrated, its texture and relief are improved, complexion becomes fresh and radiant, new wrinkles do not appear.

Body Redermalization: increases skin elasticity and firmness, improves body relief, stretch marks become less visible.


Indications for treatment:

● Photo aging prevention (caused by the influence of UV rays) and chrono-aging prevention (natural skin fading).

● Premature aging prevention due to stress, smoking, living in the city, taking chemicals, serious diseases.

● Lifting, correction of the first signs of aging (wrinkles, lack of moisture).

● Therapy of aging skin after 45 (deep dehydration, wrinkles, skin atony and hypotension).

● Post-acne treatment (scarring and stagnant spots correction after rash).

● Prevention of age spots and rosacea (vasodilatation).

● Before an important event for quick complexion revival, moisture saturation and skin tone’s improvement (the procedure should be done 10-14 days before "going out").

● Skin preparation for plastic surgery, contouring, middle or deep peeling.

● Rehabilitation after peeling and plastic surgery (reduction of recovery period).

● Preparing for a summer season.


The post procedural care

After the procedure one may experience minor pain, redness, micro hematomas, papules formation. Recovery period: Face - 2 days, neck and décolleté - 3-4 days.


Recommendations after the procedure:

● during a week do not visit the pool, sauna or bath;

● during two weeks do not visit a solarium or beach;

● in summer use sunscreen.



● blood clotting;

● systemic connective tissue disease;

● diabetes;

● acute inflammation in the affected area (herpes, abscesses);

● severe general diseases;

● tendency to keloid scars’ formation.


Redermalization combination with other procedures

Redermalization, in complex and individual approach, may be successfully combined with contour plastic, botulinum, peeling, cosmetic care, apparatus techniques.

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